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the shannon legacy


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Shannon Family in ForrestEvery legacy has a beginning – a single seed planted that takes deep root in history and provides a roadmap of a heritage. The Shannon legacy is rooted in hard work, craftsmanship, precision and pride.

The legacy began in the late 1880’s when Samuel Lee Shannon chartered a new course and founded the original Shannon Lumber & Stave Company. Samuel strongly believed in the guiding principle of an honest respect for the land and fellow man.

Today, the Shannon Lumber Group continues the legacy. Five generations of the Shannon family have continued the spirit of innovation, craftsmanship and precision to become one of the most trusted American hardwood suppliers in the world.

The Shannon Lumber Group is the parent company to four leading hardwood companies: J.T. Shannon Lumber Company, Superior Hardwoods, Shannon Lumber International and Shamrock Plank Flooring. These subsidiaries represent the best the hardwoods industry has to offer – from logs and rough, surfaced timber, to the finished plank flooring found in the finest homes.

Shamrock flooring in a room

Shamrock Plank Flooring

As part of the Shannon Lumber Group, Shamrock Plank Flooring is one of the most innovative and trusted suppliers of North American hardwood products today. We have cultivated relationships with the best hardwood growers and built a reputation for excellence over five generations.

Our dedicated and passionate workforce is unlike that of any other. Extensive training, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a commitment to strict quality control have made the Shamrock Plank Flooring name synonymous with masterful craftsmanship and integrity.

We produce and manufacture the finest quality hardwood in North America, right here in the United States. You can be assured your flooring has been overseen with quality and care through our precision-controlled process.

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Continuing Our Legacy

We are honored to bring a part of our family into your home with every piece of flooring we produce. Each board stands as a testament to our time-honored traditions of foresting, harvesting and milling. Each log, ring, layer, knot and variation in shading tells a distinct story, a story that pays tribute to past and guides the way into our future. We hope our flooring enriches your life the same way our legacy has enriched our company.

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